mr.mrs.nizar bahrouni

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Nizar and Kim's Love Story ..............................

                    You know its really crazy sometimes how life goes and how people find eachother like they do . I  found nizar on tagged . I only been on tagged for 1 and half months . I seen on my mail he wrote to me and wanted to get to know me better. automatically i felt in side my soul i had to connect with him.
                   So i leaved him a message back to him and i seen it was his birthday so i wish him a happy birthday and fell in love with him right away .. it felt crazy but it felt right all at the same time . It was going fast but it felt natural in every way . I normally dont fall in love that fast but i feel so strong about its pure amazing . Now i wish you to follow us in our lifes together and share in our moments in life .

this month means alot to nizar and kim . its nizars bithday feburary 16 and its also  there first year together and kim's birthday on the 18 th . best wishes to you both

saint patrick's day happens in march 17 th this year . the united states people celebrate  for good luck and great fortune to all . this  back ground is chicago for the month of march they colored there river in green for good luck ! i think this is a good picture !

this is nizar bahrouni he is 33 years old and he is from tunisia . he has lived there all his life . what a wonderful man and very caring and supportive  in so many directions . he works hard and he loves his wife the same way with passion .he is truely a wonderful husband to have i am completely blessed in so many ways .
nizar and kim are complete eachother just like soul mates .......
this is( kim marie bahrouni) she is lives in the united states of america . she lives in the state of  milwaukee , wisconsin . she has lived there all her life she has rised her children there has will. nizars wife has the idea and is a very strong minded woman . nizar is completely in love with his wife and he shows it .
kim's family video
This Kim Marie Bahrouni my wife i love this woman to my death and beyond my own life ..........................
my sweet mr . nizar bahrouni i think he looks so cute in this picture . but i guess its a wifes point of view ..........
sexy husband i swear to god i love my flowers
tunisian flag
nizars wife kim
tunisian foot ball
night clubs in tunisia
tunisian sights and food
tunisian food
the united states flag
nizar my sweet husband
our foot ball in the united states the green bay packer's
my sweet husband
a tour of my city milwaukee down town
Our party boat curses
restaurant a night out of town
nizar's wife kim

milwaukee night club down town called the suite...