mr.mrs.nizar bahrouni

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about my husband

Posted by Kim M. Ayyash-Roman on September 25, 2013 at 11:00 AM

                        you know there are many kind things i could say about my husband . he is truely a good husband . and he is careful to his wifes needs in so many ways . nizar and i have a very good relationship we have learned many things about eachother incoulding life it self . ever since nizar started to learn english and he now can understand more to what people are saying he is shocked in some areas on how people act on there own .

                      before he couldnt understand but more and more learning he hears alot more because he understands more now more then ever. from the enternet cafa to even on the streets more . the world and the people in it . it is truely a big world out there . before i know him he was just listening to the news and not understanding english to well . now that the door has opened he is understanding alot more then normal . nizar is a strong tunisian man who is smart in alot of ways . he keeps busy and is on top of his whole family . even today he hurt his hand but yet he still went to work intil his boss said go home ! nizar is a very serious man and he doesnt play games and lie his head off to others . i have alot of pride when it comes to my husband  he is truely a man in every word !

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