mr.mrs.nizar bahrouni

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nizars wife speaks

Posted by Kim M. Ayyash-Roman on September 13, 2013 at 6:55 PM


                                          what can i say its been a very wonderful relation ship i have had with my husband nizar .  he can be so sweet and very caring about his whole family . he really takes the time out to check on everyone that touches his life .in tunisia and here in the united states of america .

                                      sometimes i dont know how he does it some times . he works real hard and very long days . but yet he sees his wife . and checks on his mother cathy and all the kids to see how everyone is doing really . he does this everyday . when he goes home he calls his family to see how they are doing that day !

                                   i even know when he takes care of his father as well . he is truely a good son. even i know he takes care of his grandmother as will . this guy even has time to be with his friends as well . nizar is a buzy man all the time . i love my husband to death . i totally respect my husband for everything he does he truely earned it .

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