mr.mrs.nizar bahrouni

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my nizar is a very romantic man completely . my husband brought me a flower can you see it ?
a tunisian wedding
i told you my husband is very romantic  man this is the very moment he showed me my ring . its so beautiful my god . this very moment i know he was completely serious . i can see and feel his desire . this man knows his wife truely.
my sweet husband and my new brother in law .
american bridle dresses
my wife is everything to me . she is the sky and the stars but what more then all she completes me forever . i only have her and thats all i wish to have in my life . learn more about where she comes from and the food and the culture she lives in.

this is alled six flags great american its one of our fun parks we have in chicago

             this is a video for i created it for scammer's all around the world
            i been a investicator for 6 years now i know and learned a lot in this time so yes i do know a lot about it yes i can do something about it . . once my self was scammed and when i found my self like this it gotten me real mad . i was romanced scammed it wasn't very nice . then i started noticing other women were getting scammed by the same man . this is how i created .

             this web site was put on every social media all over the web . i noticed  the victims  who lost everything to scammer's . this is just not even on the men scammers we are talking women has well. both sides .scammer's for everything from credit card fraud to printing out checks. federal crime here in the states .  scammer's are every where and into many things . its a build and collect even trade . you can even get into gold or even money , its every where just not romance scams . if you walk to the store near you someone is trying to scam you or even try to talk you in to buying what they have   . or trying to talk  you out of money one way or another .  i swear sometimes people don't speak the truth about nothing.

           and some scammers are very mean people when they get crossed in some cases .  i am a freelanced web builder i know every social media out here today ! i can connect on any site that allows it . so yes i have 17 memeber's to my web site . and yes i know how to handle my self at all times.and just for the record i show my scammer on here several times on this video and my web site is connected to immagration and military scam unit , and i am serious and show no fear to no scammer .

i am truely in love with me wife she completely understands me . the more she talks to me the more i learn english .i am truely a happy man to find her .
this is my tunisian  jungle boy
for my husband true love
current picture of  nizar's wife kim
wish you were here my love
the map of tunisia
tunisia flag
this is my tiger ..... very nice kitten
this is a video about our city streeta to around i live in milwaukee , wisconsin
this is a map of the united states
the american flag